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Summary of our saw blade sharpener prices for re-tipping, repairing, & sharpening saw blades.

Saw Blade Price List Only

grinding machine for carbide tipped saw blades & othersWalter CNC-5D (A.K.A. Data) - This grinding machine was made in May 2002.  It is our newest tool and saw blade sharpener machine.  It automatically probes every cutting angle on your table / circular saw blades and programs itself. Then it grinds and sharpens your saw blade to the sharpest edges possible, without human input.  This gives a saws new edges with a super long cutting lifespan!

sharpening a carbide saw blade Walter NC3 (A.K.A. Walter) Saw Blade Grinder / Sharpener

Walter NC3 (A.K.A. Walter) - This machine is one of the most stable top grinders / sharpeners made for sharpening carbide tipped saw blades.  Made in April 2000, we are able to take advantage of state of the art programs that need only (2 measurements) to be made by the grinder operator. After inputting the measurements made to the (one ten-thousandth) of an inch, your saw blade (steel, carbide) is sharpened to a mirror razor finish.

face grinding a table / circular sawblade Utma-AP800 (A.K.A. Face Grinder / Sharpener)

Utma-AP800 (A.K.A. Face) - This tool face grinder was made in November 1999 and gives us new features that only a handful of saw shops in the U.S. have - hydraulic blade clamping and wheel liftoff.  When we sharpen one of your saw blades, this means it will probably cut better and stay sharper longer than when it was new!

Saw Blade Sharpener Price List  
Number of Teeth
---     6 - 40
---   41 - 60
---   61 - 80
---   81 - 100
--- 101 - 120
--- 121 - 130
--- 131 - 150
--- Strob Saw


$  8.50
$  8.50
Dado Sets
--- Blades
--- Fillers


see above pricing
$ 3.50
Tip Replacement
--- Standard Tip sizes
--- Strob tips


$ 2.90
$ 3.00
Complete Re-tipping  
--- Standard blades
--- Strob blades


$ 1.60 per tooth
+ sharpening
$ 2.50 per tooth
+ sharpening


Hammering (Smithing)
--- Normal flattening
--- Excessive flattening


No charge
$ 8.00 
Reweld Broken Shoulders
--- Re-weld, seat and gum


$10.00 per shoulder
Non-Ferrous HHS  
--- Standard sharpening only
--- Curved tooth & triple chip


$ .80 per inch diameter
$1.30 per inch diameter
--- Joiner and planer (May take up to 2 Weeks)


$ .50 per lineal inch per knife HSS
$1.00 per lineal inch per knife Carbide (tipped or solid)

Minimum set charge of $11.67
Delivery & Extra Charges
--- Standard
--- Rush Charge
--- Excessive wear / chip
--- Reverse bevel / Cut down
--- Blades over 18"
--- Sheer Face Blades

1 week
add 100%
add 50%
add $8, $10, $12
add 50%
add 50%

At Dynamic Saw Blade Sharpening, we are excited about being your saw blade sharpener and giving you the best service.  This is part of the "Dynamic Sawblade Edge".

At Dynamic Saw, We Make The Cutting Edge!


sharpeners of carbide saw blades

sharpener of table saw blades

tool and saw blade sharpener

retipping standard blades

selling new blades,  router bits, or other tools from these companies: Popular Tools, Amana Tool, CMT, Freeborn, Morse, Velepec

Call Dan Callari at 1-888-528-0808 for a free consulting session and price quote.



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